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Saturday Enterprise

Tommy Vilkensen @ Dungen, for beautiful graphic design
Tomas Nordmark @ Fanatic, for excellent web design
Daniel Fagerberg, for the loft in Birkastan
Cenneth Jansson, for intelligent tech support
Christina Eriksson, for graphic design in no time at all
Jesper Nyreröd, for smart creative help
Malin and Hannele @ MA Production, for administration
Sarah Gilliam Fagerberg, for legal advice and laughs
Carl-Markus Gidlöf, for blog expertise
Neil Simpson, for being an amazing door opener in the UK
Tor Erik Munkvold, for keeping an eye out in Norway
Toby O’Neill, for the energy and flyers so far…
Malin Louai, for good internship
Jonas Jakobsson, for being so patient with me
Ed Poston, for the “just-do-it-inspiration”
Stacey Mitsopulos, for Canadian expertise and hospitality

Saturday Enterprise favorites:

3rd Tsunami Agency – collegues from Cophenhagen
Almost Famous – showcase club in Stockholm and Gothenburg
Anna Rosdahls blandade betraktelser – great blog from a great woman
The Bright Persuit – coolest merch designs
BD Pop - excellent label from up north
By:Larm – Oslo’s finest festival
CMJ – starting to get a tradition
David Fransson – very talented musician, photographer and video maker
Fritz's Corner - indie club for indie people
Grandpa Choir Boys – cutest boy choir in town
The Great Escape – Brighton in springtime filled with good music
Heart Media – amazing UK regional radio company with pretty pink website
Håkki – inspiration from Ljungaverk
Merchworld – Sweden’s finest merchandise company
Moc – best haircuts in SoFo
The Musebox – modern music marketing
Musikindustrin.se – music biz news of Sweden
Nejra – best combination of a clever woman and great music
Ocean Sound Recordings - amazing recording studio in Giske Norway
Peace&Love – fun in the summer
Philipson&Söderberg –tasty drinks and music events
Plezuro – sweetest store in Birkastan
Sonicbids – helps booking my acts
SMFF – Svenska Musikförläggareföreningen, almost like family
Stratosphere Sound - this is the place to be for recordings in NYC
SXSW – best music festival in the world
Wagamama – makes me go “wiiee”
You Are In Control –innovative music event in Iceland
Kilford The Music Painter – one of a kind, one love!
Sylvie – beautiful logo, beautiful Anna
Ja Ja ja – a big Nordic music affair!