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Saturday Enterprise | Artist Management

Saturday Enterprise was set up back in the late nineties as a part time occupation for young and restless Carolina Eriksson. She needed some way to spend her Saturday afternoons…

After working ten years in the music business; as a music publisher (Jimmy Fun/Tom Bone Music 1999-2004 - www.tombone.com), tour agent (United Stage Artist 2004-2007 - www.unitedstage.se) and artist manager (Hagenburg Law, Media & Management 2008-2009 - www.hagenburg.se) Carolina decided to turn Saturday Enterprise into her own full time business in the summer of 2009.

Saturday Enterprise
is an artist management company that represents a handful of acts from different backgrounds and music genres. The main focus is to help each artist fulfill their individual needs and create new opportunities for their careers. All artists on the roster have been handpicked into the company for their own strong vision of breaking big in their own way, often with an international focus.

Welcome to enjoy the great music of Saturday Enterprise!